What should I be eating to lose weight? What else can I do?

Many times customers will message me asking what else they can do to bump up weight loss results. My answers back are normally in the form of questions first then advice.

Are you drinking half your body weight minimum in ounces of water a day? Dehydration won’t help you lose weight because your body stops flushing out fats and toxins.

Are you tracking foods, portions, calories, and nutrients such as how many carbs, healthy fats, proteins?

A lot of times I find clients eat way more carbs then what they admit to or realize until they actually start tracking. Carbs are sugars, and if it’s not the right carbs, watch out! Veggies and fruits contain carbs too, so if you add processed foods, prepackaged foods on top of that, then you are probably way past the amount you should be eating. We can talk more about that if you email me or hit me up on messenger on the Facebook Page Bee Extremely Amazed.

Are you getting enough nutrients? Lack of vital nutrients will hinder weight loss. Yep that’s right! You cannot starve your body and expect long term weight loss results. This is why many times people yo yo diet or gain the weight back. Lack of vital nutrients like what’s found in Daily FIX help to maintain proper levels which can assist you in avoiding extra snacking and cravings that many times kick in from lack of these nutrients. I’m sure you probably didn’t know that many times your cravings are coming from you lacking these vital nutrientes and vitamins in your system. This can hinder your body from loosing weight because it will hold on to other things you eat trying to compensate for them. This backfires.

I see people all the time that suffer from what’s called Metabolic Syndrome. It a mixture of underlying issues that basically all lead to the inability to lose weight. Some of these include things like PCOS, Insulin resistance, Diabetes, High Blood pressure, poor sleep habits, sleepy during the day, lack of energy in the afternoon, brain fog, poor digestion, inflammation, low thyroid levels or levels stated as”normal” but your body has tried to compensate and is taxed out and it goes untreated by the Dr.

Yes, Metabolic Syndrome sounds pretty bad. So how do you fix it, right? It all starts by feeding your body the right key nutrients and vitamins for underlying support. That is why we made Daily FIX, it takes the guess work out of which products contain the right vitamins for you. We made it even easier by posting the products on this page that you need for underlying weight loss support, which can also help you burn fat and control your appetite at the same time. (there are two pages there so make sure you click the page two in the product page at the bottom).

The Ignite weight loss we have made in the past has also come back in the pill form for those who had trouble with the taste pf powders or ease of use pf having to mix it on the go. It’s a non stimulant fat burner that can be used with Daily FIX or any of our other supplements like the Chupapanza Fibra (AKA belly suck fiber) and Chupapanza Energyforce Protein, and the Chupapanza weight loss drink Bebida Reductiva with Chai to boost underlying weight loss without the added caffeine or stimulants like our other products have. This is much better for those who do have high blood pressure and cannot tolerate certain ingredients.

Plus added Collagen like Elite Collagen and healthy fats like Elite MCT powder (derived from pure coconut powder) will help control the appetite, build and preserve lean muscle and the coconut powder provides fats for fuel which help power you through the day and provide you a healthy form of fats that are actually good for you. These two ingredients are really easy to use. I add them right to my morning coffee, then no creamer is needed. The Elite MCT powder doesn’t taste like coconuts either and acts as a creamer. The Elite Collagen is great for supporting healthy hair, skin, nails, and is what makes up the layers in your body for your muscles, joint and ligaments. So if aches and pains, or old injuries is your issue or working out, or just needing additional sources of proteins without all the extra calories or if needing extra appetite control in between meals, this is great to use. These can easily be mixed in foods or shakes due to the non flavor affect and mixability.

If you prefer a flavored drink mix or flavored protein, try the Chupapanza weight loss ones. These come in great flavors like fruit blends, strawberry and the proteins come in strawberry and Cappuccino.

So, it’s not all about just taking weight loss pills. Which I may say, we have a lot of great appetite suppressants and strong fat burners. But what I see a lot as an RN, is people lacking the understanding of what is causing their weight issues, and it not being addressed. I am here to tell you from my medical background of 15 years experience and about 10 in supplements, that you MUST fix your underlying issues of nutrition if you want to be successful and FIX the way you think and feel about food. It is mind over matter yes, and breaking the food addictions of the reason you are eating for no reason (boredom, emotional, cravings). Am I hungry? Why am I eating this? Will this food help me reach my goals? Does this food have any nutritional value towards my body? Will this help me lose weight or trigger more cravings? Do I need this entire portion or I am eating it because it’s on my plate?

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