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Amy Crothers Bee Extremely Amazed LLC and Elite Weight Loss Supplements
Amy Crothers, RN, Certified Keto Coach, CEO Bee Extremely Amazed LLC.

Most people past a certain age don’t like to share their age, their story, their journey. I’d like to tell you mine. From Being teased as a child with “thunder thighs”,  to struggling with the teenage hormones, to adult stressors, I struggled with gaining and losing weight several times. I went through several Retail Manager job changes and ended up going back to school in my later 20’s to get my LPN then RN. I had turned to exercise as my stress outlet between work and studying. I had went from 245 at my highest to 145 of lean  muscle.

After 5 years of working in the hospital, I went to homecare working in the field with patients and eventually being a Case Manager for a busy facility. With my crazy work hours, traveling, being on call, late nights and poor eating plus less exercise, I found myself slowly gaining back everything I had lost. A lot of job stress contributed as well I am sure! I tried to squeeze in exercise where I could. It wasn’t helping. My metabolism had changed. I was no longer 27 or even 30 or 35 anymore! UGH!

So for the next 5 years or so I struggled with keeping the scale down, until I started designing and formulating my own supplement line. I had enough experience with supplementation, herbs, vitamins, plus all my education and patient teachings on healthy eating habits I knew I could do this. I also used several different approaches to food options and tweaked several programs. When it boiled down to it, I wasn’t getting any younger and everyone is different and responds differently to supplements. So having just 1 pill for everyone wasn’t going to work. I spent 3 years developing an entire line of products testing several batches before the final versions were produced.

One of the things I wanted to help ladies with was a problem I had myself. I always struggled with hormone issues since my early 20’s, children seemed out of the picture. I developed a formula just for aging women and metabolism issues called Skinny Elite. It was my blessing in disguise!  At age 40 we were very blessed with our daughter. As afraid as I was to gain the weight, I continued to walk and lift light weights and light cardio. I can remember the only male OBGYN Dr at the facility I went to telling me to “watch how much I gain because at “my age” it would be hard to lose!” GRR! He didn’t know me AT ALL! Despite all that and still eating healthy I had gained 52 pounds during my 41 weeks. This picture on the right was 41 weeks day before I was scheduled for C-section.

After we brought our daughter home, I suffered some post surgical issues and was unable to do lift weights or anything to aerobic for over 2 months. With also working from home, and being self employed, there was no time off for me. If you can imagine a newborn, surgical issues and work right when I came home, it was more stress then I expected. I found myself munching. After not being able to breastfeed, I was given the green light to resume my regular supplements. I started back on Skinny Elite and Elite Boost detox. I quickly felt my munching getting under control. I worked up to 2 capsules a day of Skinny Elite.

After a few months of progress I was excited the pants were getting looser but I was very self conscious because I really needed to start toning up again. After a cycle or two of Skinny Elite I switched up to Curve Bee Pollen and then Elite Shreds Max. It’s good to switch to break a plateau. Over this course of time from March 2017 to Sept 2019 I had lost 52 pounds, and gained lean muscle, picture on the left, age 42. Controlling the appetite was always my issue since I have a sweet tooth and not eating meals on schedule had been difficult since the little one arrived. The Elite Weight Loss Supplements flat out work. The appetite is controlled and I have energy all day.

I was always told “you need to sleep when they sleep.” My reply “I don’t have time for that.” Our daughter is home with me. We don’t put her in daycare. I don’t drive to the gym. This is me, my results from being a busy stay at home, work from home mom and business owner. If I can do this you can too. Let me help. Elite Weight Loss Supplements are USA made in a GMP (Good manufacturing Practices) FDA approved lab. NO, the FDA doesn’t approve or support over the counter (OTC for short), supplements, they can only approve an ingredient, like acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol for example.

I’d love to chat with you, offer my advice, see how I can help. We’re more than just about selling pills. We have the weight loss knowledge, what issues lead to weight gain, nutrition skills, and supplements to target multiple weight loss issues. I also have experience in dealing with multiple food control programs such as WW, South Beach, Keto, low carb and more. Please inbox me by clicking our message button or jumping on chat on the website. If it’s after normal business hours please leave a message on the chat with your email. We will still get it. You don’t get weird customer services reps messaging you. You get myself, the owner. If your also interested in Keto Elite Weight Loss coaching, you get your truly as your Certified Keto Coach. See our Keto Elite Weight Loss tab for details.  If you would like to Get Skinny With Amy, become a wholesale distributor or Affiliate Sales Associate Please message me at

Thanks for listening and I hope to hear your story soon!

Amy Crothers, Owner Bee Extremely Amazed LLC