Wholesale 5 pack Strawberry Chupa Panza Bebida Reductive Drink 250Gm Bag


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Bebida Reductiva ChupaPanza Collagen Drink 5 packs of 250 GM bags Free Shipping

(ChupaPanza Reductive Drink) 250 Gm Bag  HOT ITEM!!


Reduce appetite

Provides Energy

Fights off food cravings

Provides a sensation of fullness

Normalizes the intestinal tract

Purified the body and restores balance

Rids the body of toxins

Potentiates the fat-burning effects in the body

Helps hair, skin, nails with Collagen

The ingredients are listed in the last photo at the bottom of the bag it’s a blend of fruit and fiber with Garcinia, Mango, L- Carnitine, Chia seed, Reverstrol, plant-based Protein and Collagen, Hoodia Gardonia.

Weight loss and medical disclaimer: Not intended to diagnose, treat or cure disease, NO guarantee of weight loss results, You must also put forth the effort of changing your habits, Best results from monitoring diet, exercise and drinking plenty of water.

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