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Elite Weight Loss one on one weight loss consultation is designed for those who have difficulty losing weight despite past efforts, have no idea where to start, have questions about supplementation or no understanding of supplementation, exercise, diets.
If you have struggled over and over again, you yo-yo diet, and cannot lose weight, and are serious about giving it a shot, then us let help.
Our in depth non medical consultation will be performed by a Registered Nurse educated in diet and nutrition, supplementation, and will include the following:
A thorough questionnaire you will need to answer, will be sent via email and you can easily reply to the questions.
A one on one feedback follow up consult scheduled via your choice of personal call, online chat through our site, or email. Whichever is better for you.
Product recommendation. (no product in this package) You purchase your own based on our recommendations or your choice.
Access to our weight loss support group via Facebook.
**If you need more help and struggle with weight loss, have no self accountability or fall off the wagon easy, we recommend Option 2.

VALUE: A weight loss clinic or meeting that you drive to only takes up your valuable time, gas, family time, not to mention they normally do not answer your questions timely or are available via chat.
We have been doing this for over 7 years with supplementation and 15 years of education on diets and weight loss. We would like the opportunity to work with you on your weight loss journey to a healthier life!
We are personally available to our customers via chat for simple questions but our extensive consultations will need to be scheduled.
Please remember this is not a replacement to advice from your Dr. We do not give advice regarding supplementation/prescriptions interactions. You will need to speak with your Dr or Pharmacist regarding medication questions regarding that. OTC “over the counter” Supplements are not FDA approved simply because they are not prescriptions.
After our consultation, please feel free to speak with your Dr regarding our advice before starting any program. Elite Weight Loss is focused on helping people get healthy, lose weight,prevent complications of obesity. Our customer satisfaction and outcomes is our #1 goal.
To purchase your consultation, add it to your cart. Once we receive payment, we will email you via your email you provide with the questionnaire and schedule the consult.


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