Tummy Bomb Tummy Tuck

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The New Tummy Bomb Tummy Tuck Mana Infinity 

Slimming doesn’t mean stopping eating or abusing certain methods, to lose those pounds we desire. You don’t need expensive surgeries either, or spend all day exercising to lose those extra pounds.

Also, maintaining a proper weight is not a matter of aesthetic only, it is a matter of health. Therefore, when it is necessary to lose weight, it is best to do it little by little, without neglecting health.

Tummy Tuck puts an infallible ally at your fingertips that you will surely love for all its benefits, Tummy Bomb was designed for people with morbid obesity.

Benefits may include:

People with Morbid Obesity who have greater then 30 pounds to lose 

Appetite suppressor

Feeling of satiety

Lose weight

Fat burning Thermogenic

Remove Excess fluid in tissue

Reduce your waist

Inflammation relief

Accelerate metabolism

Avoid fatigue

Physical Stimulator

Use fats as a source of energy


Ponytail. – it is a very effective ingredient at slimming time, as it favors the removal of retained liquids.

Tooth of a dandelion. – relieves abdominal inflammation, helps weight loss, facilitates the body to remove toxins and other types of waste, It is a purifier, prevents the accumulation of toxic elements in the liver and better metabolism foods.

Artichoke. – rich in fiber and allows us to better digest fats and synthesize them to facilitate its elimination, accelerates metabolism and allows us to digest fats better, that is not to destroy them but synthesize them so that we can eliminate them the best.

​Maca black . – Provokes a greater sense of satisfaction without increasing daily calorie intake too much. That’s a very useful property for people who wish to lose weight and maintain their metabolism. It makes digestion easier.

Coca-Cola nut. – is a powerful tonic and stimulating physical and intellectual prolonged action that helps prevent fatigue. Increasing attention, intellectual speed, in situations of prolonged fatigue and increased physical performance, has a marked diuretic effect that helps prevent liquid retention. It is also considered even an aphrodisiac.

African Mango. – Control the levels of leptine to fast slimming, Appetite suppressor helps to maintain proper levels of leptin and adiponectin hormones in your body, which are the hormones responsible to regulate the feeling of hunger and satiety, pr beating a reduction in appetite.

Orthosiphone. – drainant, removes fat, remineralizer for muscles this is due to the potassium that appears in the orthosiphone because it is fundamental in the tissue of muscles and tendon and also reduces cholesterol.

Green tea. – It is a great ally when it comes to losing weight, this thanks to the teen, which is nothing more than the caffeine that this plant contains and is considered as an excellent fat burning, this thanks to its thermogenic effect, that is, increases the temperature body hate, speed it up Cellular metabolism and helps you remove adipose tissue, there are even studies that show that green tea can help you reduce waist circumference and body mass index.

It’s not a medicine the use of this supplement is the responsibility of the person who uses it.

Not suitable for pregnant, breastfeeding women, or hypertensive people. No children under 18 years old. This supplement is Manufactured for Mana Infinity, distributed by Bee Extremely Amazed, LLC. BEA LLC does not own this brand. These statements have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA and these statements do not replace the advice of your Dr. See your Dr prior to starting any supplement. Not for use under 18, breastfeeding or pregnant. 

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