Slim Trim Elite Weight Loss

Slim Trim Elite

Exclusive new formula for Elite Weight Loss Supplements USA MADE, GMP.

Overcome your weight loss challenges with Slim Trim Elite!

  • Powerful appetite and craving control
  • Shed unwanted pounds and inches off hips, thighs, arms and buttocks easily.
  • Whole body detox solution
  • Boost your mood and energy
  • Burn fat even at rest

Your appetite being reduced with Slim Trim Elite will help to reduce the amount of food you consume and the amount of cravings you get. Knowing “when” to put the fork down is half the battle to losing weight. If your an overeater, Slim Trim Elite is going to help control portion sizes and binge eating. This will also be a benefit to those following low carb that are having difficulties combating cravings for sugar.

Many times people go on prescription strength appetite suppressants when that isn’t needed. Herbal supplementation and the right formula is what you need.
Slim Trim Elite will help decrease new fat formation while safely burning existing fat stores in those hard to reach areas. Slim Trim Elite is full of antioxidants, slows absorption of fats and carbs while increasing the metabolism, preventing the form of new fatty tissue or adipogenesis.

• Slim Trim Elite’s metabolism firing fat burning matrix contains a unique proprietary matrix of EGCG or epigallocatchin, Guarana, Caffeine plus a few others, to help boost metabolism naturally and burn tough fat stores.

• Our proprietary supplement appetite suppressant blend containing Sulbutiamine, Yerba Mate , Seville Orange Flower (Aka Synephrine), and 5HTP will surely bust the appetite issue in half. If prior issues with anorexia we suggest not using this supplement due to the appetite suppressing factor.

• Will I be going to the bathroom more frequently? Yes, for the first two weeks your body will be ridding itself of the sludge in your liver, colon and spleen, kidneys more frequently then it will start to slow down. You can always cut your dose to one pill once a day or one pill twice a day, if 2 at once is too much to start. Detox will not be an issue with Slim Trim Elite. Our body detox matrix with Lotus seed, Brown seaweed (A.k.a Fucoxathin),Aloe, Rhubarb, Mulberry, Hawthorne,Cassia and Senna Leaf to name a few, will help restore the fat burning process that takes place in your liver and detox the fat through the blood stream and colon. In traditional Chinese medicine Chinese Yam is used to detoxify the spleen, stomach and lower blood sugar levels and has been used to treat obesity in China for years. Combining this with Schizandra will help detox the adrenals as well and decrease inflammation.

• Slim Trim Elite also works hard to lower cholesterol and blood sugars with Barberry Wolfberry Fruit (Aka Goji Berry), Rhubarb, Lotus, Polygonum Multiflorum, Mulberry, Chinese Yam.

• If you have a Slow or sluggish thyroid, or just the aging process has taken place, you can balance hormone related issues naturally with our unique blend of boosting agents including Ashwaghanda, Rhodiola Rosea, Schizandra, Mucana Pruriens.

• Combat daily stress , boost mood, decrease fat storing hormone cortisol levels, optimize hormone balance with our unique proprietary blend of Gynostemma Sylvestre,
Ashwagandha, Rhodiolia Rosea, Schizandra, Mucana Pruriens, Astragalus. As you can see, some of the herbs have more than one use. Awesome!

• Why is Bee Pollen in Sim Trim Elite? Bee Pollen is collected from the bodies of the bees as they move from one flower to another. It contains vitamins, minerals, proteins and lipids. We can all benefit from that. Bee Pollen is not Bee Venom. But if you have a Bee allergy, always check with your Dr. Bee Pollen has an abundance of benefits.
Bee pollen can be very healing, antibacterial, anti fungal, anti inflammatory and for many has helped seasonal allergies, clearing of the skin.
The benefits of natural herbal weight loss supplements have been show to be reliable. Just check out our hundreds of testimonies on our site. Traditional Chinese medicine relies highly on herbal remedies.

DOSE IS 2 CAPSULES ONCE A DAY. START WITH ONE TO ASSESS TOLERANCE. MAY SPLIT DOSE IF NEEDED TO 1 PILL TWICE A DAY.60 capsules per bottle. A powerful Elite Weight Loss Supplements proprietary blend of 750 mg per capsule.

How does Slim Trim Elite compare to other Elite weight loss products?
Powerful appetite control and satiety
Full system detox
Reduce bloat
Shred excess water
Improve energy
Boost mood

We’re not implying this product is anything like the Chinese bee pollen or Xiu Zu Tang pills, or Slim Trim from Floyd Nutrition bee pollen. This product was designed and customized, created for us with you in mind! A USA made product.

Just a note: Clinical studies have shown that Ashwagandha’s mechanisms of action are quite complex. Let’s break this down. In men who exercise, ashwagandha can increase testosterone by 17% and decrease cortisol by 28%. This is well documented in scientific literature.In females, the cortisol levels are also decreased substantially (Women don’t need to worry about the testosterone aspect as it doesn’t apply to them. Ashwagandha is also a great supplement for women).Increasing testosterone and/or decreasing cortisol both help increase muscle mass and decrease body fat percentage. These also help burn fat in the right places (stomach and mid section, the butt, the upper thighs).Ashwagandha is often studied in conjunction with exercise as it’s often used as a supplement to improve athletic performance.

Warning: Consult Dr prior to use. If prior issues with anorexia we suggest not using this supplement. If sensitive to caffeine, use one to assess tolerance or try eating something small with it. Do not use if pregnant or nursing.
These statements have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. OTC weight loss supplements do not get FDA approval,
only an ingredient can be approved by the FDA.


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