Maca Fem Sexual Enhancer Natural



MacaFem Potencia Sexual Femenina Apple Benefit 
  • Increases blood flow towards the female area, stimulating the libido at the moment
  • Change the mood to an optimal one for intimacy.
  • Special to take the relationship para to much more enjoyable levels.
  • Ideal for lack of sexual appetite problems.
  • Indirectly favors enhancing heart blood flow
  • With MacaFem female sexual power you don’t just start but you finish.

Helps with those who have hormone imbalance and thyroid insufficiencies to provide proper hormones for sexual responses. All natural ingredients.

Mode of use:

A capsule before sexual activity.


Ingredients: Red Maca, Muira Puama, Ginkgo Biloba, Yumbina, Ginseng, Damiana, Epimedium.