7 LIKE Factor by Daily Dous

Because weight loss is not simply a matter of willpower!

Recent Studies have found that we have a predominant gene called FACTOR 7-LIKE-2 in our cells which process glucose and sugar levels from a positive or negative form depending on the persons lifestyle. 7 LIKE Factor is a smart alternative that will help you overcome your weight loss issues to assist you to lose weight and inches 7 days a week to stay in control.

It’s Formulated with natural ingredients to recover your figure, energy, cellular health without stress or anxiety, analyzing key genes that relate to obesity, insulin resistance, metabolism or fat storage, calorie consumption among others.

7 Like Factor may assist to:

Suppress the appetite.

Accelerates the metabolism to burn calories

Helps to breakdown and remove accumulated fat.

Eating anxiety decline.

It feels like fullness.

Occasionally thirsty

May assist to balance blood sugar levels.

Natural ingredients



Natural root with the ability to influence mitochondria and activate metabolism.

May assist to decrease cholesterol

May assist to decrease blood glucose levels

May assist to Improve liver function

May Help with Insulin resistance

May assist with fatty liver

* Gynostemma

May Reduce bad cholesterol LDL

May increase good HDL cholesterol

May Activate the pancreas to function better

Key Help to lose weight as a result of the previous point

Promotes protein synthesis

Removes toxins from the body


A protein charged with transporting fat to cells to turn it into energy and achieving optimal performance and muscle tonicity at various levels.

*Black Radish Powder

Favors digestion and expulsion of fats.

It’s rich in fiber, and helps reduce blood glucose while protecting against constipation.

* Holy Shell

Used for deep intestinal and colon cleaning


Encourages fat loss with metabolism energy increase

*Asparagus Root

This root contains vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that promote smooth and healthy skin, increases levels of joy and mood. Since this herb relaxes the mind and helps reduce stress it can be used as a sleep inducer as well as helps to control overeating from stress


CONTAINS 30 capsules

Take a daily capsule minutes before breakfast with enough water.


Those who shouldn’t consume it:

Pregnant women.

Breastfeeding women

Those who have prior medical conditions please consult Dr prior to use.

Made in the USA.