Body Balance Intensity


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daily dous daily work

Body Balance International High Intensity giving excellent results in the loss of weight with a single capsule a day!

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It is a totally natural herbal supplement for anti-obesity that controls anxiety, inhibits appetite, burns fat, high cholesterol, helps with sugar levels, accelerates metabolism, eliminates toxins, reduces swelling and increases your energy.

How will this product benefit you?
It is an extraordinary product since the first days you notice excellent results is an easy fast and effective way to lose that accumulated fat in your abdomen, hips, arms ... etc. The combination of 10 powerful assets that work throughout the day and night while you sleep serves both men and women.

How does this capsule work?
Appetite Control
Accelerates metabolism
Increase your energy
Causes satiety
Burn fat through the urine
Eliminates toxins in the skin
Regenerates muscle mass
Reduces fat deposits and cellulite
Increases libido
Balances insulin and blood sugar levels

BITTER ORANGE EXTRACT: reduces "bad" cholesterol prevents digestive disorders and regulates bowel movement
INDIA LOTUS: calms anxiety states extremely reduces appetite
CASSIA SEED: combat constipation
ALISM: eliminates fluid retention, reduces appetite
L CARNITINE: fat loss as energy increase are two proven benefits
KONCING NUT: reduction of fat and sugar deposits
GARCINIA CAMBOGIA: generates being active and revitalized, increases libido
KIWIS: helps prevent the conversion of carbohydrates and sugars into fat
KONJAC: breaks down and burns the accumulated fat in the body

How should it be taken?
It is recommended to take a capsule about 15 minutes before breakfast

WOMEN IN BREASTFEEDING: substances or drugs found in the mother's blood can be transferred to the milk the child receives. so its use in this period is not advisable
PREGNANT WOMEN: it is not recommended as it has diuretic effects and affects fluid retention and blood pressure, which can significantly affect the evolution of the baby due to dehydration, as well as causing fatigue and dizziness and this has ingredients that accelerate the metabolism to burn fat, and can cause in the baby irritability, muscle weakness, problems with breastfeeding and in the mother acceleration of the heart rate or cardiovascular diseases, endocrine damage, intestinal dysfunctions or malabsorption of vitamins, among others. Under 18 or hypertensive/high blood pressure should not take.

“The results vary according to your metabolism, exercise for at least 40 min. a day and a healthy and balanced diet will give you better results ”The responsibility for the use of this product, like any other nutritional supplement, is the one who takes it.


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