All new Chupapanza (Belly suck) weight loss products now available!

Add the Chupapanz Fibre drink mix to any of our products or use alone for a detox, fat burning plateau buster!

Like to have a fruity flavored drink every now and again? Need some extra appetite control and fat burn? Try the Chupapanza Bebida Reductiva weight loss appetite suppressing drink. It’s a great flavor and will help reduce your appetite. You can also use it with our other products.

Working out and need a lean muscle building boost? Cuiiting calories and carbs but need a quick snack full of appetite suppressing protein? Give the Chupapanza Protein jug a try. THey have great flavor and can also be used in conjunction with our other products.

Want to use the Chupapanza Fibre but cant tolerate a drink mix? Thats Ok! Try the Chupapanza fiber we have in the capsule form.

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